It’s PrimeTime baby! Rift is launching their progression server “Vigil” on 3/7. Look for Afterlife in-game and join us for some classic raiding. Recruitment is open, hit up our discord to join us.

Saga of Zath

Age of Conan launched it’s Saga of Zath – Saga server, [ref] a brand new limited-time server where you create a new character, complete milestones, earn exclusive loot and experience the thrill of starting anew! Come check out the new server with Afterlife members.

Saga of Zath
Age of Conan’s new Saga of Zath server.

Rebuild Everquest

You can find some members enjoying an old one, Everquest but with a twist. RebuildEQ is an Everquest emulator that introduces custom skill trees, custom progression and content. If you are interested in going down memory lane or enjoy a good ol’Trinity MMO, check it out! The game content is currently in the Scars of Velious time era.