Non-DKP Rules

Non-DKP Raid Item Lotto Rules

These rules apply to any items that drop on a raid that aren’t covered by the DKP system.

There are two different philosophies when it comes to doing lottos, and both are equally valid. The first is that everyone present when an item drop is equally entitled to it, as each person there put forth the same time and risk. This is one way of doing lottos, and it is completely valid. This is not, however, the way lottos are done in Afterlife.

The other way of doing lottos is to give each item to the person that can best use it. This is the most efficient use of resources, results in the fewest “bad lottos,” and this is the system we use.

General Application
The general philosophy is that the character that can best use the item gets the item.

When armor drops, the people that can, and will, use the item can enter in for it, and no others. Use common sense here, if one player will get a significant upgrade from the item, and another may use the item every so often but it will soon become bank trash, the first player should get the item.

Selling Items
Raid items are not to be sold without specific permission. If an item won on a raid is no longer needed, it is turned back in and another lotto held.

Main Characters
Each player can have only one main character. For a twink to reach main status, the twink has to meet all the joining requirements, and then be declared as main, by emailing Primary characters always come first in lottos.

Open Lotto
If there are no primary characters present that will use the item, it’s an open lotto. Anyone that wants the item is free to go in on it, assuming all other rules are met.

Temp characters are those that are not full members yet, but are guilded for this particular raid. Temps can only win non-DKP items if no full members want it. The reasoning here is that any non-DKP item has probably dropped before, and any full member has tried for it and lost before. The full member as put in the time for the item, but the temp has not. By the time the temp becomes a full member, they will have put the time in for the item, and can enter just like anyone else. Note: DKP items can be won normally by a temp. If they have the DKP to win the item, they have put in the time.

One Item Per Event
Only one item can be won per event, until everyone has one item. If noone goes in on an item, then it will be opened up for people to go in that have already won an item. This will be announced in /gu so everyone will know. It is up to the individual player to keep track of what they have won, and to not enter any lottos if they have won already.

Non-DKP Non-Raid Item Lotto Rules

These rules apply to any items that drop in a non-raid environment (usually a six person group) that aren’t covered by the DKP system.

General Application

Just like all other times, players that will use the item come first before players that want the item just to sell or for a twink. When more than one character needs an item, if one player has significantly more time invested, they win the item with no lotto. Only if more than one person is eligable for an item, and all have the same time invested, is there a lotto.

Special Circumstances
Sometimes special circumstances arise, for which the standard lotto rules make no sense. The main time this will occur is if people are camping an item solely for the sake of selling it, and not to gain xp, and not to gain any other items. For example, camping the fungi tunic. In these situations it’s fine to have a more open lotto system, where everyone can enter. However, this modification must be announced before any items drop, and preferably before the group is even formed, and everyone must agree to it.

Even when everyone can enter for an item, time invested still comes first. If one player has significantly more time invested for a fungi tunic, and still doesn’t have one, then that person wins without a lotto. Fairness comes first, we are not ruled by /random.