About AL

About Afterlife:
Afterlife was founded by Thott, Tabin, Hobben, and other leaders from Everquest’s (EQ) Mithaniel Mar server in 1999. Starting in EQ, we established a reputation as one of the most respected and progressed guilds across various MMOs and continue to build on that legacy today. We’ve created a community of gamers that have been playing together since the late 90s. Much has changed since the guilds creation but our principles remain the same – to be the best, lead by example, and to have fun doing it.

Our History:
Starting in Everquest, Afterlife became a world-leading guild claiming multiple world firsts during the peak of the game. Upon the release of World of Warcraft (WoW), the guild decided to change focus and the guild moved to WoW during the games Beta. Already famous for it’s achievements in EQ, Afterlife continued to impress the gaming community achieving world first kills of bosses in Naxx, MC, AQ, and BWL. As WoW’s player base reached into the millions Afterlife continued to maintain impressive world ranks throughout the expansions Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. The guild’s focus has mostly been in PvE progression, however, we have a substantial amount of gladiators that have maintained top 1% rank in PvP across various platforms. As a guild, we do enjoy Guild vs. Guild warfare.

Our Members:
Afterlife is not only known for its achievements as a whole but also for its remarkable individuals. Our guild leader, Thott, is well established in the MMO society. He invented the DKP loot system and it is still used by thousands of guilds today, including our own. Thott is also the creator of Thottbot.com, a popular WoW website.  His writings on EQ were read by all the most progressed players. Many more of our members are well known for their contributions to various class forums and theorycrafting threads, some of which run their own resource websites. Our raiders consistently top various scoreboards for their exceptional performance in raids and knowledge of their class. We develop our own boss strategies and think for ourselves. The guild’s leadership is stable and effective, it’s members are the best the gaming community has to offer.

Our Current Focus:

  • N/A

Previous foci;

  • EQ, Mithaniel Marr
  • WoW, Cenarius
  • Rift, Rocklift
  • SWTOR, Hyperspace Cannon
  • Wildstar, Caretaker
  • BlackDesert, Uno
  • WoW Classic, Smolderweb (A)