DKP Explanation

Dragon Kill Points, or DKP, was invented by Thott in 1999.  Afterlife is the first guild to ever use it, and still uses it to this day. Over the years, many tweaks have occurred in the system to adjust for guild needs as games and members change.

This page refers to the current rules. Historical rules are also available.

Each raid attended where a boss is killed will net everyone present (and those on the sit list as well) some amount of Dragon Kill Points, or DKP.  Items that drop are then paid for using DKP. Whoever has the highest DKP that wants the item, wins it.  The cost of the item is then subtracted from their total DKP.


It is not uncommon that there are no players present that want a particular item for their primary spec, in that case, anyone can enter to win the item as for their off spec.

For example, a tanking warrior has as his primary spec tanking, and normally enters for and buys tank gear using DKP, with all of the associated advantages in lotto success.  If, however, a piece of dps plate drops and nobody else wants it, the tanking warrior can go in on it offspec. In this case there is no DKP cost, and the winner is decided strictly by activity placement.

New Members

Recruits participate in the DKP system, earning DKP for attendance, but are not allowed to win an item wanted by a member for their main spec.  They can, however, win items for their main spec that a member would otherwise only use for alt spec. This restriction goes away when promoted to Peasant.

Light Armor

Heavy/medium armor classes sometimes want lighter armor because such items are optimal. The system allows this – if you have enough DKP, you can buy the item, even if a light armor wearer wants it – however, the expectation is the item is best in slot for you at this item tier. Be ready to justify this. Don’t be surprised if someone questions your mathematical ability and/or general sanity. If your justification is sound, the item is yours. If your only justification is “it’s an upgrade,” don’t be surprised if eyes roll and the item goes to someone for whom it’s best in slot. You’ll get a better item soon enough, and won’t have to regret wasting DKP and denying a poor, defenseless light armor wearer their precious.

Lotto Stages

A DKP Lotto progresses through stages, where if no winner is found in the top stage, the next stage is considered.

[table] Tier,DKP,Name,Notes 1,Full,Main Spec,”Item will be used for declared primary spec (e.g. tank, dps, healer) of the character” 2,Partial,Upgrade,”Pay difference to upgrade, e.g. 20 DKP gloves already purchased in this tier, 23 DKP gloves drop, 3 DKP cost to loot” 3,25%,Future main spec,”Known changes coming will make the item an upgrade, remaining percentage paid when update occurs. Use ‘Main spec speculation’ below if possible.” 4,None,Sidegrade,”Same or better item already purchased in this tier, e.g. 23 DKP gloves already purchased, this item is the same item with better slots, or different item with same or lower DKP cost” 5,Full,Recruit Main Spec,”Recruits lotto below everyone else because they’re heavy and hard to carry.” 6,50%,Sub-Optimal,”Good item, but not optimal stats for the class. Officer determines eligibility.” 7,None,Active offspec,”Offspec is used occasionally in raids **Members take priority over Recruits*” 8,None,Main spec speculation,”Item may possibly be better in the future – or it might not. If speculative change occurs, player has the option to pay DKP cost or destroy the item.” 9,None,Unused offspec,”Offspec not used in raids” [/table]

Any stage with no DKP cost is determined by Activity. Items with no DKP cost are assigned by Activity, /random or fiat.