Ethics & Mission

Afterlife’s Mission

Afterlife is a community of gamers coming together to pursue exhilarating moments of victory as we dominate the playing field. With an established legacy of respect and success we move forward valuing excellence in gaming, competence and teamwork.

Statement of Ethics
What is Right, and what is Wrong? Mankind has been searching for the answers to these questions since time began. Is it Right or Wrong to club females and drag them into ones cave? Is it better to burn a witch, or drown her? Is the proper response to a social faux pas to send one battalion, or two? This document will answer none of these questions. Here I attempt to place into words what we, as a guild, use as our moral compass. Here I will describe what we believe to be Right, and what we believe to be Wrong.

We will not:

  • Use cheats/hacks to gain an in game advantage.
  • Knowingly exploit any bug. – Release information that could help others exploit.

We will:

  • Respect other players, they are human just like us.
  • Have pride in our guild and defend ourselves when we are disrespected.
  • Understand that our actions reflect on the guild, let’s play above the drivel.

We will try to distribute loot in such a way that:

  • Every class has equal opportunity.
  • Players that invest more time gain proportionally more than those that invest less.
  • Leaders have little to no special advantage.