Next Game

WildStar launches June 3rd! Pre-order now and join us in vent ( 3014) for beta weekend entertainment. Nexus server, Dominion faction.


Future Afterlife

We’re currently doing things roughly as newsworthy as the typical Facebook feed. Instead of adding to your pain, we’ll instead look to the future, when we’ll be doing something perhaps slightly more newsworthy, or, perhaps slightly less. No promises.

Future games of interest:

The Elder Scrolls Online
Skyrim with other people around. Makes beautiful screenshots. I’ve played this a little, but not enough to really get into it. So far it seems overly simplified. Appears to lack a real end game. That said, Skyrim With Trash Talking Extras may still be a great solo game to play, so most of the guys are looking forward to it with some degree of anticipation.

My gf talks about this game and this game only. The graphics are cartoonish, however, it’s also the highest skill cap game I’ve seen in an MMO in quite a while. Not only does this game have 20 man raids, it even has 40 man! Nothing like the 70+ man raids of old EQ, but I’ll take it. None of us (that I know of) have played this game because we’re not in beta (psst – please send keys). This game has a lot of anticipation, especially after everyone got bored with FFXIV – a game I couldn’t get into at all (seriously – 2.5s GCD? What is this, the 90′s?).

EverQuest Next
This game looks great. Too bad they chose themselves to make it. Also haven’t played it.

We’ll be playing all of these games at some point, so feel free to join us when we do – particularly lost and cold Afterlife members that wisely quit earlier games we insisted on playing to death. Email Thott if you’d like a reply saying “sure you can join us”, or, just show up in vent at: 3014

Note that there probably won’t be anyone there unless we’re actively playing something together, but the very bored can keep the place warm until that happens.

Another one bites the dust, Inwar Darktide Downed!

Inwar Darktide Downed on 04/24/12!

Our members continue to make it look easy! We downed Inwar on 04/24/2012 and have downed him multiple times since then. I am proud of the members we have in our guild and there commitment to coming to raids and putting the effort into getting bosses killed.  We have already started progression on Akylios and I must say there is a dead squid in our near future. On our first full night of progression we got into the 3rd phase on him. Continue to keep up the great work guys!

Grats Afterlife Team!