DKP Explanation (Historical)

Afterlife Dragon Lotto Rules

Take note, these rules apply only to dragons and gods, specifically to Lady Vox, Lord Nagafen, Dracoliche, Cazic Thule, Innoruuk, and bosses in Plane of Sky [How old is this text, huh?].


Every time a player helps to kill one of these big creatures, they get a Dragon Kill Point, or DKP. Whenever that player then enters in for an item from one of these big creatures they get as many chances to win as they have DKP’s. If a player wins an item, they lose DKP’s equal to the value of the item.

This system is designed to limit the effect of luck, and to avoid “bad lottos.” A bad lotto is when someone wins an item, and those present say “he/she should not have won.” This is the case when, say, a druid wins a Mistwalker instead of a ranger. Or when someone has been on dragon raid after dragon raid seeking to win one particular item, and someone new (or anyone with less time invested) shows up and wins it. This system solves these problems and others.


Tiers are designed to ensure that those with more time invested win an item before those with less time invested. In theory, over time the extra chances those with more DKP’s would have would win them items, but there’s still the possibility that someone with a great deal of time invested will lose to someone with little time invested, which is a bad lotto.

The tiers are set up so that those with similar amounts of time invested (e.g. their DKP values are close) lotto for items, while those with significantly less DKP’s are excluded.

When an item is dropped, those in tier 1 or possibly 1+X (see below) are the only ones that can enter. If nobody that wants the item enters at this level, then those in the second tier can enter. If it’s no drop, then the lotto moves to tiers three and four, otherwise it goes to the guild treasury and is kept until the next big event. At the next event interested players can lotto for it, and lottos go through tiers 1 through 3.

If, after a week or 3 events, whichever is longer, an item is still in the guild treasury, the class restrictions are removed, and anyone can enter in for the item. This means the items can be purchased (with DKP’s) for use by an under level 46 twink.

Those that aren’t present at a raid can still enter in on items, as shown in the tiers, but they pay a 50% DKP penalty. This means that if an item would normally cost 10 DKPs and it’s won by someone that isn’t present, it costs them 15 DKPs.

Tier 1+X – These tiers are special tiers, for cases when there is more than one person in tier 1. If there is more than one person in tier 1, and one or more of them have 5 or more points over the value of the item, then a new tier is used, tier 1+5, containing only those players that have 5 or more DKP points over the value of the item. If there is still more then one, and someone has 10 points over, go to tier 1+10. Then tier 1+15, 1+20, etc.

For example, 3 players enter for a 5 point item. One with 5 points, one with 10 points, and one with 15 points. The lotto would take place at tier 1+10, and would contain only the character with 15 points. If the same lotto occurred with a 4th person with 17 points, the lotto would still be tier 1+10, and would contain both the 15 and 17 point players.

Tier 1 – Must have full positive DKP value for the item and be present.

Tier 2 – Must have full positive DKP value for the item and be present or have 1.5x positive DKP value and be anywhere.

Teir 3 – Must have full positive DKP value for the item and be present or have 0.75x positive DKP value and be anywhere. If won in the second manner, the cost is still 1.5x normal, but the remote player doesn’t need all the DKPs up front.

Tier 4 – This tier is only for no drop items. When it is reached, the player(s) with the least negative DKP values that want the item can enter.

If a player doesn’t have enough DKP’s to pay for it outright, they simply go negative. Until they have positive DKP’s again they can’t enter any lottos.

Lotto Restrictions – Who can enter

Only those players that can actually use the item (i.e. class/race is listed on the item, with exceptions noted below for certain items) can enter the lotto. If a player has more than one character that is dragon capable (level 46+), then they can enter as any of them provided they say so before the creature dies. This is so everyone knows who they’ll be lottoing against. If someone looks around and sees only two people they’ll be lottoing against, and something great drops for their class, they shouldn’t have to suddenly compete with 10 others that come out of the woodwork.

After an item is won

Any items won through this system (except as noted above) can not be traded, sold, or given away without prior consent. Items can be given to a secondary, but only if the item is won in a secondary lotto, or the item has been replaced with something better, after the item was won. Items no longer wanted can be put up for lotto at any big event. If someone enters and wins it, they receive back DKP’s equal to the value of the item. Basically the winner transfers their DKP’s to the person putting up the item. If noone wants it, they keep it, and get no DKP’s but can try again next lotto. Items that nobody wants can be turned in to the treasury for half DKP value. If the item was won outside of our DKP system, it can be turned in to the system, but at half normal DKP’s.

Big Mob DKP Values

Because of the loot dropped, different big mobs give different amounts of DKP’s.