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    Hey guys,

    For those aware, a recent Early Access release title, ARK: Survival Evolved has been wildly popular. A few friends of mine have been playing this prehistoric survival game, and have been having a ton of fun.

    I urge you to check it out. The developers have been incredibly active in putting out content, keep people updated, taking feedback, and fixing issues. I’m always wary of Early Access games, but so far I have over 200 hours and have not regretted the purchase.

    To avoid the performance issues with the official servers and some other select issues with certain game mechanics, we have hosted our own Unofficial server, using the same setting as the official servers. It’s far more dangerous, since there’s little to no latency or hangups, and has been an amazing experience compared to the official servers.

    If you have the game and want to join us, or pick it up and are having trouble finding a place to build on other servers, stop by ours and say hello.


    Instructions on finding the server:
    1. Open Steam
    2. Open the View menu at the top of the client.
    3. Select Servers
    4. Select ARK: Survival Evolved in the bottom left drop down menu
    5. Select the Favorites tab at the top
    6. Click ADD A SERVER from the bottom right buttons
    7. Enter this address minus the brackets []
    8. Refresh the list
    9. Start the game (Connecting from the server page will not work)
    10. Join ARK and filter by Favorites and you should see the server

    The current password is Eclipse, and we’ll likely remove it once we’re all a bit more settled and have worked out the kinks.
    If you have any questions, reach out to me on Mumble, or on Steam (Celesu Kusajishi).


    Hey Anance, hope you are well.

    I know Thott was playing some ARK.



    Sent you a Steam friend invite, Anance. I remember we talked about ARK a few weeks back on Mumble, so I’ll try and pick it up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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