A Few Games, Have Fun

What are we up to!? Enjoying a few select titles and then some. Two titles that you are sure to find AL members active in are Warframe and Camelot Unchained Beta (Psst, don’t forget Battle for Azeroth!) . . . oh and that game, crazy people.

As a reminder, you can always find us in our discord server. Come chat and enjoy the summer!


It’s PrimeTime baby! Rift is launching their progression server “Vigil” on 3/7. Look for Afterlife in-game and join us for some classic raiding. Recruitment is open, hit up our discord to join us.

Saga of Zath

Age of Conan launched it’s Saga of Zath – Saga server, [ref] a brand new limited-time server where you create a new character, complete milestones, earn exclusive loot and experience the thrill of starting anew! Come check out the new server with Afterlife members.

Saga of Zath
Age of Conan’s new Saga of Zath server.